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Tanglewood SEO Ltd. is a Buckinghamshire-based SEO, PPC and CRO agency to help businesses improve their online presence during 2021 and beyond.

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner to teach your staff, audit your website, run your SEO or monitor your PPC?

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SEO and Online Marketing Services


In normal times our founder, Jon Holland, would visit your offices, review your current SEO situation, and formulate an ongoing SEO and online marketing strategy to move your business forward online, using your own staff. These days, the telephone and video call are the order of the day.


When you have keen and able staff willing to take SEO by the horns, TANGLEWOOD SEO can come in and train your staff in a wide variety of essential process such as choosing and creating better website content, using essential SEO tools and analysing your competitors' websites to gain advantage for yourselves.

Website Audits

By asking us to perform both website technical audits and content audits we can provide you with a complete overview of the current state of your website, point out any issues which may affect usability or Google rankings in the SERPs, offer advice on fixing these and a recommended approach to moving forward.

PPC Management

It is all too easy to let your PPC costs spiral out of control and see little or no return for the expense. It can take a lot of time to monitor clicks, traffic, conversions and advertising budgets. Why not let us manage your PPC alongside your ongoing SEO and content strategy?

Regular Partnerships

By bringing in TANGLEWOOD SEO as a partner, working on a regular basis with you to provide high quality SEO services, you will be free to concentrate on what you know best, running your business, without having to divert time and resources to learn these new skills.

Weekly Plan

Our weekly service will monitor your website positions in Google, review your competitors websites, link-build, produce new and update existing content to improve your position in Google and to boost the conversion rate of your website. We will make sure that you always know what we are doing and why.

Fortnightly Plan

Our fortnightly plan is ideal for businesses with some in-house capability but who would like to work with a partner dedicated to SEO and can carry out some of the more complex or time consuming tasks. We will work together to devise an ongoing SEO strategy make your website more effective and seen by more people.

Content Editing and Creation

By using a network of trusted and experienced authors and content creators, as well as our in-house abilities, we can modify your content to be more user and search-engine friendly. We can also create new content for your website, either as a one-off or on a regular, scheduled basis.

About Us

Tanglewood SEO's founder and director, Jon Holland, has worked in the Internet industry for 20 years in both agency and in-house settings. During that time he has worked as a full stack web-developer, team leader, project manager, ecommerce co-ordinator and SEO. Jon decided to take the skills and experience developed throughout that time, and focus them on helping decent, honest businesses thrive better on-line in a decent and honest way. Integrity is everything.

Over the years, a network of reliable content writers and graphic designers has been built up. Whilst we have many skills in-house, if we don't have the specific skills, or style, required we will utilise those from our trusted network. We use these skilled artists all the time, they are effectively part of our team - we just call on them when needed. This helps keeps our fixed costs down while maintaining flexibility. This means more work from us for your money.

Jon Holland takes pride in being part of your team. To that end we will not take on SEO work from direct competition, without your prior consent.

We will keep you informed of all plans, successes and failures (yes not eveything goes to plan) and you can ask questions of us and expect honest answers at all times.

SEO is like a continuous game of chess. The playing field is not static, both the board and players change all the time and the players can make moves all at the same time. Utilise our experience to boost your business SEO and gain the edge over your competitors.

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